Carolina Herrera | Puig

Digital Marketing Strategy


The global beauty and fashion brand Carolina Herrera’s Digital Marketing Management approached us to support the brand with a profound analysis of the current status of their social media channels around the world. KAMANO also researched how the brand compares to other top class fashion brands.

Our strategic focus was on perfectly understanding Carolina Herrera’s customers, their motivations and needs and the best possible way to communicate with them. As well as understanding CH’s position in comparison to other leading fashion brands.

KAMANO furthermore supported Carolina Herrera’s Digital Marketing Team by analyzing and defining the importance of influencer marketing for the luxury brand and identified the right match considering the industry’s trends and current followers base.

We eventually formulated a social media and content strategy that consolidated all insights and derived concrete directions for the global social media management teams.

The effect of these exercises has been clearly noticeable: Carolina Herrera’s Instagram and Facebook handles gained more than 100% in Followers, and interaction rates on all handles stabilized and increased significantly.


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