Digital Brand Strategy

Carolina Herrera | Puig

Nearly half of luxury goods buying decisions are already influenced by what consumers see or hear online.

- MCKINSEY, 2011

The global beauty and fashion brand Carolina Herrera’s Digital Marketing Management approached us to support the brand with a profound analysis of the current status of their social media channels around the world. KAMANO also researched how the brand compares to other top class fashion brands.

Our strategic focus was on perfectly understanding Carolina Herrera’s customers, their motivations and needs and the best possible way to communicate with them. As well as understanding CH’s position in comparison to other leading fashion brands.


Goals & Objectives

  1. Create an inventory of the brand's status quo in terms of social media presence and content formats.
  2. Analyze the target group and their needs in terms of content and general perferences.
  3. Clearly define which channels to target with which content for which audiences.

Analysis & Key Insights

What we learned in our analysis



Facebook profile shows Carolina Herrera dresses and the iconic logo, models are shown without heads, creating a distant rather rational look. The starting page needs to become more Carolina Herrera characteristic as currently it could be “any“ fashion brand.


Identifying Performance Winners and Killers

Performance Winners

  • On brand and following guidelines
  • Fashion content
  • Product detail shots in context (how to wear it)
  • Collections of images from fashion shows

Performance Killers

  • Products without context
  • Images too adapted
  • “Wrong” perspective of models, no details
  • Videos without subtitles
  • Copy only posts

Measuring our impact and success

The effect of these exercises has been clearly noticeable: Carolina Herrera’s Instagram and Facebook handles gained more than 100% in Followers, and interaction rates on all handles stabilized and increased significantly.

Gain of new followers
Content reaction p/person
Time spent in ch profile

Bringing our Content Strategy online

Inspirational posts


The importance of Online Marketing

Today, the buyer is the expert and the one proactively reaching out to brands and busineses for help.
Customers want information throughout the customer journey. In fact 54% of consumers would consider no longer shopping at a retailer that failed to deliver them tailor-made, relevant content. This holds also true for luxury buyers:

of all luxury buyers research online or offline before making a purchase
of all luxury buyers use atleast 1 online resource before making a purchase

Customers are bombarded with information - over 5.000 messages a day.

- HubSpot, 2017

To get ahead, brands need content marketing that connects with consumers. Content marketing is the art of communicating with customers and prospects without selling. Instead of pitching products or services, brands are delivering information that makes buyer more intelligent.

The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if a brand delivers consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward them with their loyalty.

Connecting with customers through Social Media

Social Media time is the new air time. Facebook users spend an average of 50 Minutes a Day on it´s multiple platforms. Creating a good connection with your customeres through social media also increases their loyalty to your brand. Using social media will also update brand search rankings, which transaltes into a higher conversation rates.


Getting to know your Public and Localizing

Successful global brands build and foster a global image based on their brand characteristics – but to convert local customers and conquer different cultural localities they specifically produce content that caters to that specific audience’s needs and cultural differences.

The typical Carolina Herrera fan is female and 25-34 years old. Majority of Carolina Herrera speaks Spanish, followed by English. More than 60% of all Facebook fans have their language settings set to Spanish, followed by English and then Portuguese.

Spanish speakers
English speakers
Portuguese speakers

Purpose of content from brand perspective

  • Have a return on investment: build brand equity, increase traffic across channels and foster customer engagement.
  • Support gathering of data
  • Differentiate from competitors

Identifying overall purpose of content – to then define more specific content areas to cover.

- Marlon Damm, Head of Digital Strategy KAMANO

Purpose of content from customer perspective

  • Inspire
  • Inform
  • Engage
  • Provide Orientation
  • Foster understanding