Website & Content Strategy


KAMANO plays a major role in the strategic evolution of the brand CHERRY MX which is currently moving towards a stronger focus on end consumers.

- Michael Schmid, 2018

CHERRY MX is the world’s leading manufacturer of switches for mechanical keyboards. Among PC gamers, the brand is a global icon, a famous integrated brand that the world’s largest

keyboard manufacturers like Corsair or Logitech have long been building into their hardware to satisfy their demanding customers

Cherry 01

The Challenge

  1. Cherry MX was digitally primarily focused on producers that they supplied. The Plan: To engage more with fans as a brand.
  2. KAMANO therefore was to create a digital strategy, to reach more end users via all relevant channels (especially social media).
  3. In addition KAMANO was also to execute on the strategic recommendations.

Headline here

We started off the work by delivering a new brand website in a very short amount of time in 2017. The concept of the page is to introduce the brand using a design that represents the brand’s tradition in the gaming scene. The focus is still on the technology: Showing the keyboard enthusiasts what is under the hood when they use CHERRY MX switches and why they made the best choice.

Cherry 02

The team pushes projects in the most efficient, professional and hands on attitude.

- Michael Schmid, 2018

Digital Strategy for Social Media and Content Production

Currently, KAMANO is refining the Social and Content Strategy, talking to customers and fans in many countries to create Personas and Customer Journeys. Simultaneously, we create CHERRY MX brand assets such as animated 3D models for partners to use for global campaigns.

KAMANO produces selective brand content, supports social media management across channels and advises senior management based on regular performance reports.


Technical Features in 3D

For best showcasing the technical details of the CHERRY MX switches, we created interactive 3D models

Brand Experience Web

The website's design presents technical details as well as the end users' gaming context.

Desktop 01
Desktop 02
Desktop 02
Desktop 03
Desktop 04
Desktop 04

Mobile view of the Website

Technical details even on the smallest screens.

Mobile 01
Mobile 03b
Mobile 06
Mobile 06
Mobile 04b
Mobile 05b
Mobile 05b

Measuring our Impact and Sucess

As a result of our consulting work and advisory as well as having revamped their digital channels as well as having produced tailor-made content

throughout all relevant channels a massive gain in reach could be observed.

Gain of new followers on YouTube
New Facebook Followers
from 0 to 41.000
Instagram Followers