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In a long time we have not experienced such a professional and at the same time sincere agency as KAMANO.

- Alexandra Wolf, Head of Employer Branding & Recruiting bei REWE

Employees are the most important basis of any company in a world full of change. This is particularly true for the retail industry as the whole business model develops towards an omnichannel experience. Finding the right person for the right position is a very complex process. Especially the phase of

job search today is almost fully digitalized for employees as well as employers. That is why we were very proud when REWE asked us to completely redefine their digital employer branding and to create a completely new website and continually improve it.

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REWE aimed at bringing the entire digital application process to a new level:

  1. Creating an authentic brand experience of REWE as a leading "Employer Brand" in retail
  2. Less complex search and navigation on the career pages to enable a more focused entry point for any applicant
  3. Optimized Mobile First experience for addressing the applicants' needs in the best possible, device-independent way

Identification of our target groups and defining the User Journey

KAMANO was responsible for gathering the requirements from not only internal stakeholders but also actual users to better understand their needs regarding content and experience.

Before we began with our user testing, we decided to define our target group clearly. School graduates living in Germany were one of our main focus points. On the other hand we were also interested in capturing the attention of young people who were looking to gather some experience before getting a permanent position, through a Junior or Trainee position for example.

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Important for both target groups was to quickly find the job they were looking for and that the job description and required skills were clear and as exact as possible.

During the user test we succeeded in identifying key use cases and define them as follows.

Interest & consideration
Post application

Identifying Passion Points and Pain Points

The next step was to identify "Passion Points" and "Pain Points" along the users's journey for identifying quick wins and defining a strategy for the redesign of the website. In the following some of the most important Passion Points:

  • Clear description of the job and its requirements
  • Description of the company and departments as well as employees' benefits
  • Description of the recruiting process
  • Clear CTAs

Some of the Pain Points, indicating a clear path for how to optimize and develop a new concept were the following:

  • Too much copy
  • Missing links or no indication as to the next steps
  • Too many steps (clicks) for finding the right open position
  • Missing explanations for the intro of the students pages

General Observations

Most commonly the user would look for a job on his or her laptop computer or tablet while being at home. Users usually have an understanding of which kind of position or vacancy they are looking for and most likely will use a job portal for finding the right job - unless they already know a particular career site of a particular company. This means that the typical user from the REWE career website will come via Google or a job portal.

In general those looking for a job are more interested in growth opportunities and benefits in a particular company than in the company itself in general. Especially if the company is already well known which is the case for REWE in Germany.

Developing the concept and wireframes

Based on these requirements we developed a concept and design and technically developed it in an agile workflow with high involvement of the client team to ensure the overall success.

Short iterations and design sprints ensured that stakeholders' feedback was continually part of the process and well respected throughout the development of the new website.

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Wireframe 06b

Say Cheese! Real people, Real Jobs, Real Goals

Part of our project was to create relevant, high-standard and authentic content in real REWE outlets with real apprentices which were not only used on the website but also during the summer of

2018 for looking for new apprentices. The authentic imagery transported a close and sympathetic image of REWE.


Ein Iconset als Ergänzung zur CI

Für das richtige digitale Employer Branding reichen bestehende CI Richtlinien häufig nicht aus. Um die für REWE Karriere themenspezifischen Benefits oder Einstiegschancen visuell und digital besser abbilden zu können, haben wir daher ein komplett neues Iconset erstellt, das die REWE CI seitdem organisch wachsend ergänzt.
Mehr als 40 Icons wurden dafür in einem der Marke entsprechenden Stil von Hand gemalt und danach digital adaptiert. Ein weiterer wichtiger Baustein für authentisches digitales Employer Branding.

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All important topics and information for your career with REWE.

Mobile View of the Website

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Brand Experience Web

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